Hacker on Official Server

Game mode : Online Multiplayer - Official Server #1038
Type of issue : Hacking & abusing bugs- Player admits hacking!
Server Type : PvE-Conflict
Region : EU

Fellow players and Devs,

I just joined the server 2 days ago, and i noticed a lot of players acting strange towards the player
named BEE. Me and my Clan member realised fast, that this player isn’t only trolling new players, forcing them to quite the game (killing them on spawn and camping river for new players) BUT using cheats to summon bosses from the sky and moving so extremely fast, we can barely see him.

7-8 People told him to stop, but he didnt. So we all reported his steam account, reason being : Hacking and using bug exploits, shooting in our base, while everything is 100% closed.

How can i upload screenshots to proof that he admits to hacking?

He has been hacking and terrorizing a lot of friendly people, we really love the community and want to stay free of parasites that hack and destroy our servers community. On behalf of our server : 1038# Pve conflict EU.

BANN this player.!

-Sorry if this was posted to a wrong thread-

This forum is not for this kind of issue.

And anyway banning doesn’t solve anything.

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I’ve always been of the opinion that the time it takes to solve those exploits (months at least) was reason to disregard that Exploit Hunters post and the BS “don’t report players” as complete nonsense.

Hey @OmegaPerfekt

To report players or clans please either DM @Hugo or me. To report exploits, please use the link provided above.

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