Hackers, Meshers and people not from the region invading officials

Anyone elses server getting messed up after the patch? I’m on the PVP OCE server 1974, after the patch everything has gone to hell. People that shouldn’t be able to connect to our server are able too with direct connect.

These people are meshers (which has been documented). Lag runners and wouldn’t be surprised if they were hackers. All the big names on the server have been meshed or lag ran’d. They have all left as there is no way to fight these people, none of which speak english anyway. I would report all this but Funcom do nothing to punish these people so why even bother huh?

I was just asking if any other servers are going under from these cheaters. Hoping one day Funcom will fix what this “update” did and stop these people from being able to connect in the first place.


yes, the direct connect seems to no longer recognize ping which is sorta good because with the ping doubled it can be hard to get onto your server unfortunately though it has led to an influx of chinese and russian players who [Redacted due to community Flagging]…Apparently do nothing wrong ever and there is no cultural issues on fairness.

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Here is to hoping there is another hotfix asap about direct connect ping.

I did see a message via @Ignasi stating that the Devs are working on further Dm and ping issues.

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