Hackers pc official server 1110 @ignasis


Hello Ignasis, ive heard i need to speak to you if we have any hacker problem etc… Please inform me of what u need and i will provide, i have a video and a good reason to believe these people are hacking, please please answer me as soon as u can!! Is there any chance we may speak in discord? I would feally like to explain it to you ! Thank you!!!

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Hey bro. It’s me Ariyas from your server.

You need to write him a message, but I’m sure he will see this post.

He took action against hackers on 1130 so if they are cheating, which I am inclined to believe as I overheard them talking in French about which hacks they used. Why else would they do that I wonder. He admitted to undermeshing too, but would only raid players that undermesh.

I sure as hell wasn’t undermeshing in my cleft base above Rhinohorn Ridge and they blew the basement floors apart, but left the roof intact. The roof is the only entrypoint.

I’ll see if the base is still there and if it is I will take pictures of it. Ignasis will decide if it is proof of undermeshing their way into my old and empty base. :grin:

Ignasis is currently on leave (for another 2 weeks I think)

@TheJammie if you spend another 10 - 20 minutes reading messages on the forum you should be able to message Hugo directly with your evidence. To send a direct message you need to have unlocked “Basic” trust level.

When I tested recently it took less than 20 minutes of activity:

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hello @Broc , thank you for the reply , who is hugo and where can i find him ? thank you

You write a personal message to Hugo. Just type Hugo in the recipient field.

Good luck.

Two things to bear in mind; it is the weekend and no one from Funcom is likely to be available, and you still need to spend a little more time reading messages on the forum before you can send a DM and unlock “Basic”. Once you do, the process is as follows.

Click on your icon in the top right corner of the page:

Then click on your name to bring up Messages (example for my name):


Click “New Message”:


Then type Hugo as the message recipient and include your evidence:


Good luck!

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Write them from Monday to friday they are not here in weekend and they not respond you before monday.

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please read the following Rules.

also be aware of

If you don´t know how to write a DM follow the Guide below

On the first Picture cklick on Ignasis Name

Second Picture click on “Message”

On the Third Picture
by 1 fill out with a subject
by 2 fill out with your Massage
by 3 cklick to send the Massage