Hackers using external program to get into clan and kickout all

Dear Ignatius or any other admin,

come to 1116 and see what hackers do with your game.
Getting inside a clan by using external hacking sw, then kicking out one by one mate, taking over the admin posititon and finally renaming the clan.

If you want to know who and to ban them then just go to 1116 and you will see … “25cmdeepinmyass” (steam name russian “WeebFan69” or “MamkaCy…#72470”). And his mate “Fighter#92877”.

This is not all, but it is worst case … without your reaction game is over for all official server …
Good luck


Before the latest patches there was a lot of hackers, cheaters, glitchers, abusers etc like A LOT during this period we gave a break with my 7 friends. I forced them to buy this game in order to play together and have ‘FUN’. After couple days we faced with these hackers, once they stole our stuff while all the doors locked, there was nothing anything vulnerable grants vulnurability to sneak in but it happened. Second time, we wiped by normal players its ok then we moved to another location with T3 building a sneaky place. While we building our doors, improving our defense they TP’ed and wiped us :slight_smile: And then the break came, we did. Until the patch, half of my friends stopped playing the game. We still playing with my 3 friends and now still glitches, bugs, exploits continues.

We love this game even if we ALWAYS have such problems like this. We expect hotfixes, support by admins, scouting hackers we just want to have FUN without facing a hacker that’s all. You can EASILY find all glitches, bugs hacks by searching them on google or youtube its just that simple.

Please, please be interested, be responsable, keep loyal players playing this game.

Thanks in advence.

Please use this reporting tool to place a complaint. You may get an answer faster:


Thanks, I did it … Now we will see whether and how Funcom will react …



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