Hacks with chests

Okay, from what I can tell, I can’t see into a locked chest with my conan game account. However, on Steam pvp server 1807 last night, there were people able to look at inventory for locked chests. They were also using aim bots which should be unable to happen with vac and the anti-cheat software funcom is using. Please look into this because it seems confusing to me. Yes, I know this pvp server, this isn’t about people breaking a chest, this is about people using hacks to get around the basic mechanics of the game which is completely unfair and shouldn’t be happening. I don’t care if I die, what I care about is how I die. This wasn’t my clan, either… this is just how strongly I feel about fixing hacks. If you are too much of a punk to play the game normally, don’t play it at all

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