Had my 1st Purge LOL

Yeah… it hurt. :expressionless:

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Oh no… I knew about purges. I was just not paying full attention. I saw berserker purge and instantly thought mounds. :weary:


I would think the same exactly, and i would do exactly the same mistake, exactly! Have no doubt about it.


Had exactly the same one. Was so happy about the berserker purge. We was waiting for them and nothing happens. We thought it was a bug. After the purge was over we went back to our small outpost with a wheel and nothing was there. :sweat_smile:


Hell back before it was so easy to deconstruct, I allowed a purge to take out a building o wasn’t using anymore. Much faster than me trying to do it.


I’ve always been stingy about my resources. Tear it all down piece by piece. Didn’t get everything back, but I got some. More than a purge would give me.


I had gotta friend that did that. IMHO, it’s was easier to mine it out than the old deconstruct method prior to the construction hammer.

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I’m determined. :unamused:

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I’m always happy about the purges, in the Exiles Land you can only get the best thralls.

The hardest purges are in the highlands and in the volcano, so I got Ulfric and Broodwaden Raiss.

I like that these are really exhausting, because then the dragons and rocknose kings attack you, so you can prove yourself in PvE if you really have skill or just get knocked down.

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One last thing to note - and it’s a pretty shoddy trick:

There is a possibility that by deliberately initiating a purge, you could also intentionally - or unintentionally? - destroy another player’s base.


Quite simple. If you only have two bases by yourself - or better even just one! - and have built them right next to another player’s base, then there is a very high chance that the NPCs of your Purge will not only attack your own base, but also attack other players’ bases. This diversion is amplified by the fact of guarding thralls, who always triggering the NPCs of a purge more than building structures.

So if you want to be on the safe side in this regard, build your base as isolated as possible, Corrupted_Royal.

PS. I hope that my English is understandable in this respect. I’m not sure if I formulated the last sentences clearly, understandably, and without mistakes. :sweat_smile:

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No more shoddy that walling yourself in keyhole. It’s using the environment to your advantage. Not my fault they put their base in a spot that triggers the worst purges. My bases are usually less than 2k cheap and tear down is easy so I can weaponize the purge by putting the only potential purge building next to the enemy.

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