Half My Clan Cannot Play After Last Patch

Seriously, what is all this funcom live service stuff? What is it going to provide that I already did not have? So for this there are many people unable to play a game that they paid for, not to mention paying for every single dlc (thats hundreds of dollars per person). I rent a private server with gportal that cannot be accessed by half the people who play on it so more wasted money. When will this be fixed please funcom? Also was it really worth messing up the games data base and making game unplayable so I could have a funcom id that was hyjacked off my steam id and a friend list which is now empty? I already have a steam friend list that works fine and use steam voice chat while in game which also works fine…or would if my friends could even play the game they paid for and keep paying for btw everytime you release a dlc.
We have supportted you when you were just about bankrupt and now we are denied access to what we paid litterally hundreds of dollars for, unacceptable.
I doubt very highly this update could be rolled back after it seems the patch itself has been patched multiple times, too bad that would have been the best option.
The fact there is no offline single player in this mess is also troubling.
A plethora of other bugs could have been fixed instead we get this.
Not Happy.

Standby for a reply that somehow makes it somebody elses problem. No accountability…

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