Half NPC Animals will not attack

I run a private server and all seems to be working good except the fact that half the animals (even some bosses - like the large spiders) will not attack…they come up to you but will not bite you…then they just follow you around for awhile. Really taking the fun out of the game!

Is this a server setting that I am missing somewhere or is this a bug?

huh that was a bit of a twist than i thought reading the title. yea didnt think you could make parades in this game, i have ran a server almost 24/7 with a few restarts from mods and such and i havent had anything like that happen to me or be reported to me. Can you attack them or kill them off as they stare at you asking for mercy and pleading? at first sounded like a disconnect but they would full out stop in place and just walk in spot. Thats a tricky one i would try at least just restarting the server, maybe if able change server location.

Yes I can attack them and they just sit there and let you kill them. Really strange some animals attack and others just sit there and let you kill them. Like the wolves, bears, Spiders, alligators, panthers, lizards and many others all do not attack. Really strange…before launch they fought back.

The Trawls all work fine they fight back.

almost sounds like everything you cant ‘tame’ is what is doing it since thralls are the only thing working, but holy crap is that an odd one, even more since they functioned before the full launch. i don’t think they edited the config file upon release. thats lame though i agree it ruins the excitement when you dont have to panic when you hear that roar. wish i had more of a hint, but if you are really desperate i would try to wipe the server and swap to a new location, stupidly tedious but i dont see how resetting everything wouldnt be likely to fix it. that or the settings related to pathing may have been borked some how. i would try resetting the server settings just incase, but i would assume thralls would use the same pathing and AI as the other animals so thats a rough one : \ wish i had more ideas that wern’t as destructive, but start with trying to default the ini i would say first.

yes tried running default in PVE and PVP as well as the 3 difficulty settings. The server reboots daily for a refresh and to pick up patches. not sure what it is. any thanks for replys.

Path settings:


hmmm dang i dont see anything different in my config than those, though a while above it i do have


but besides that i have no idea, thats crazy that it could somehow, and somewhere corrupt itself like that : \

Any chance you turned on God mode or Cloak mode?
These mods used to ‘reset’ but now are saved with your toon, so if you turned them on, they are permanent until you turn on admin mode and turn then off.

When God mode is on, they can see you, and come to attack but can’t hurt you so they just sit there as if your blocking.

Cloak mode, they can’t even see you so you can hit them for free.

Open console and type “toggledebugHUD” and let us know what it says in the top right hand corner

ambertide out here with the knowledge XD

I’m having the exact same issue with my coop game. The only things that attack and do damage are thralls and antelope. The rest come up to you like they will attack but they won’t actually attack you. I thought it was an issue with a mod, but I removed them all and started fresh and still have same issue.

Edit: Found out it was a mod called Homebrew that’s causing my issue.

thanks for reply guys…issue turned out to be the MOD (Increased Item Stacks (Including HomeBrew+ stacking)) Mod ID: 925656972, when I removed that mod and cleaned the mod folder everything worked!

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