Half of my base collapsed overnight

Why did half my base collapse in the night? I wasn’t raided, everything had at least 20 stability, and I can place it all back today.

Its in the Ceiling of the Deserters gutter, foundations all around the edge, with foundations led from the ceiling. Its stable and can be crafted, however I woke up today and theres a massive hole in it.

I’d post a picture, but the forums don’t let new accounts do that.

Have you checked the event log? It should have some entries as to what happened.

Were there any pillars involved?

The log said lost stability and died.

Yes pillars are kind of involved, the floor is made of a ceiling, 4 walls, a pillar in the middle, and a ceiling ontop.

was the collapsed part supported by those pillars and did it collapse around server restart? there is a known issue with pillars losing stability on server restart.

I found the common problem among the parts that collapsed, however its tough to explain without pictures and doesn’t make much sense anyway.

Basically the foundation supports from the ceiling that had a “wrap” of walls around it all ceased giving support, the 1 foundation support from the ceiling that did not have that wrap was fine.

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