Hallowed vaults bug feared through the walls

So this phenomenon happens when a player is feared near a wall. There is a high chance the player will go through the geometry of the map and end up at the bottom of a massive void with no way to get back.

I propose an addition of a ladder that can be added to let players climb back to the fight. The ladder should be positioned in a way that once a player hops off, he/she will not be stuck behind the wall or be able to hide behind the wall due to the danger of falling. Kinda like the ladder in thunder River on the prison colony. Once a player hops off they are moved to the ledge. In hv they would be moved to the central platform on the middle.

This glitch is super annoying. As far as I’m aware it only happens in hv.

Please consider this fix in your to do list. Thanks for reading. I will post screen grabs of what I mean in a bit.

i realize the way back up is extremely high as well so perhaps a teleport could be added that will port fallen players back to the fight instead.

See this youtube clip for a perfect example. Thanks to one of our more prominent pvpers, Spreadman for this clip.

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This has happened so many times to me Lol. Often when I’ve had flag too. It can happen on the ramps as well.

See attached video for details

This is very annoying, and this bug is as old as this game- I think they won’t fix this anymore. If you relog and come back to match again, there are still drawbacks:

1.) If you relog this match will be count as a match that you have abandoned in your statistics… even though you only relogged to come back again…

2.) What are you doing if you carry the flag on your back?

3.) Your path of vanquisher will start from new when you relog, because it will be count as a abandoned minigame

My suggestion: I know there is an item that you can kill yourself. But not everyone had the chance to get it. Just give this item free as claim to everyone, so at least we don’t need to relog!

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That’s great that “you” don’t have a problem with this but others do. and you’re right it gives you the abandoned debuff and ruins your path of the vanquisher quest. This thread wasn’t created to garner opinions or ask for work arounds. It was created to inform the devs of a gamebreaking bug and to inform them that they should do something about it.

I chose the wrong words in my reply and changed it already, maybe read it again! What I wanted to say is not that I dont have problems to relog, I surely have.

You are giving a suggestion yourself (a ladder?) but don’t want others to give suggestions? Just put this thread to “bug reports” and not here in general talk!

Suggestions are welcome, I also suggested a teleport pad or something. Im sure it can be done. But don’t offer work arounds. People are sick of having to resort to work arounds. I don’t like losing my vanquisher quest status. And I hate having to relog my client due to this. It’s infuriating.

Yeah a fix for this would be awesome , if they cant do a ladder or teleport give us a loot box with unlimited sacrificial blades waiting for us down there lol , although if someone is winning the mini 1-0 and they get feared under with the flag should be a 2 way ladder to go get them lol

Or maybe add some lava down below so the player dies instantly. That old fun game “the floor is lava”

Thanks for the report and feedback - I’ve moved this to the Bug Reports forum for better visibility of the issue.

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Thanks, i thought i did post it to the bug reports forum