Halloween Event 2019

we are waiting. Maybe now they wake up


:heart_eyes: real coffee!
It’s a pity, outside Italy, a lot of people drink just a black grog with coffee scent. Poor humanity. :neutral_face:

Yes, Funcom, about Age of Con…
This is not the game you’re looking for
This is not the game I’m looking for

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I checked last year, the Halloween announcement was made on Oct.18 so we have a little time. After this last year I am more skeptical than ever about anything with this game. But I just woke up too, now for that coffee…

Haven’t been in game today (sat oct. 19) but it seems we will wait until Monday the 21st for word on the Halloween event (unless it has started).

They are running on coffee brewed from the bitter tears of players in the best game they ever made and that they ignore completely.


I’m ready to run the events again and collect some vanity capes.

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Yes! Lets do it all again! But hey, this time it will be different, it’s 2019 not 2018! Ye BOI


I need that cape that has the dead rabbits on the shoulders

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this game is dead and also Funcom wants to be dead so let it go guys… let it go !


If it’s a dead game why do you keep posting here? Move on to your next target and stop trolling please… yes we’re addicted, yes we can’t help it, we know. Leave us alone with this dead game


Speak on it, my brother! :beers:
(Or sister!)

as long as there are people online who complain that the game is dead but can’t stop playing, the game will never die. I hear and see the same things since 2008, people like you make AoC immortal


So how about that halloween event


Lol at Funcom can not even be bothered to answer simple questions , this is what you get for your loyalty guys , nice to know our subs pay for their living while they ignore us. Sounds like a sustainable business plan to me no wonder no one has any respect for them anymore. @AndyB


Here is your halloween event https://store.steampowered.com/app/1012840/Moons_of_Madness/


I’d like to learn more as well so I can get it started up on both of my servers…thanks

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@andyb and @Spynosaur_Nicole, Halloween, SVP???


This is our halloween event this year. A Spooky Screenshot contest that’s spread across’d all their games, that literally no one wanted. Aren’t we lucky?

Is a screenshot of the total people online on Fury scary enough for this contest?


Probably, just make sure they’re over in the haunted forest in FoTD so it’s extra spooky.

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