Halloween Event and Community Showcase Stream (10-26-18) - Bulletin Summary Edition



Hey all,

Another stream, another bulletin summary written by yours truly. Pretty short and sweet this one as it was mostly about showcasing the Halloween Event and the mod, Exile Lands Improved. As always, to make my life easier of having to post this to three forums, you get yourself a google doc and a pdf alternative to download if you are so inclined.

Google Doc Linky

PDF Linky


This is a great service. I thank you and appreciate the time it took to do this.

Still wish you would post the actual summary as I cannot access the Google links for security reasons.


This information has been added to :orange_book: Upcoming features

@Shadoza here you go, I have made this page for you :smiley:
there was a pdf link, but…

Halloween Event and Community Showcase Stream (10-26-18) - Bulletin Summary Edition (user page entry)


Y’all fix the meteor shower issue yet?


Mhh interesting…
I have ONE BIG ISSUE - the banning thing… I and many players I know have complained about people exploiting, undermeshing (yes still after all those updates) and other little cheats… like unlimited stamina and so on… NOTHING - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been done about that… some servers are dead because of issues like that… and most if not all servers without ping restriction are experiencing these type of things… it might be a coincidence that most cheaters and exploiters appear to be from a certain continent… they stream on their version of youtube - showcasing their undermesh infrastructure and how they beat these foreigners… and making fun of funcom as they don’t care. and NO one was seen on for an example official 1091 or 1092… You can believe it or not this is a REAL problem and it spoiled the game for many players… at stages there was no communication possible as people where spamming the chat with ban me if you can running permanently in the chat window - and you could not even mute this player… I have to play on servers without ping restriction to be able to play with my friends from overseas… and by now there was a couple of times where I was at the point of deleting the game because of all of this BS… I also know many that feel the same…


On the “continent” thing, i have talked to a couple of players from that continent. They really don’t se it as “cheating” or exploiting. They aren’t as cuaght up as some in living by the “rules” that should exist and getting immersed in the fantasy of the game. They see it purely as a technical battler feild. and will use any technical feature, whether intended or not, to win that technical game. Immersion breaking as it is, that is how alot of them see it. I don’t agree, but some cultures and personalities see it differently. I know people who won’t melee, but bomb you every day for 2 hours with 10 boms at a time. Thier goal, to make you quit because you lose interest and lose the "Fun: of the game. Some would call it trolling, but they see it as a legit tactic. Sucks i know.


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