Halloween Event and Serversettings ini for Meteor impact



Hello Exiles,
yesterday @Jens_Erik gave us this information:

You can use the console command “SetServerSetting HalloweenMeteorSpawnTimer=X” where X is the multiplier for time. The higher number, the rarer meteors are. Set this to a low number for more or less constant meteors.
You can also use “SetServerSetting HalloweenMeteorDecayTimer=X” to control how quickly they will decay.

Another user posted:

place these in your serversettings.ini file

We tried out some values and recognized: X means Seconds
F.e. we tried HalloweenMeteorSpawnTimer=15 Now every 15 seconds meteors were falling down the sky so we changed it to HalloweenMeteorSpawnTimer=6000. Now every 6000 seconds (=100 minutes) the meteors are coming.
I guess the x in HalloweenMeteorSpawnTimer=X is also meant as seconds.

As a private Admin you can place these in your ini file whereever you want.


Have fun


Is the syntax on these commands accurate? the = is required. I’m talking on PC, obviously



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