Halloween ideas 2019

Didnt get much use of event on ps4 since it was broken for 80% of it.

If they get it working… I would love to have it back and have proper crack at it. >_>

Whilst I do want them to keep having new ideas to implement for anything, be it Halloween or anything else. I wonder if there’s a way to allow players to replay the older Halloween events, cause its wasted effort on their part and an experience newer players can never get.

I think the idea of an event is to be there for it. I liked the last Halloween event, even though I know tons of people didn’t.

I think a simple one that would be pleasing though would be The Grim Reaper boss, skeletons all over the world, and the reward would be learning how to make the grim Reaper scythe, a type of 2h battle axe. That would be a fun way of promoting use of the new weapons too!

I mean, in the far future when they’re not making new halloween events, I hope there’s some kind of way to get a halloween event still. As opposed to never getting one.

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…reskin the in-game crows as swallows and have them drop coconuts on players’ heads…
Seriously, though, I enjoyed last year’s event. I am definitely in favor of the enable/disable switch we discussed back then.
I’ll also never complain about Python content.


Hello everyone please give me the idea of what is the best Halloween costumes jackets because I want to buy the jacket on this Halloween

I’m a big fan of Danse Macabre. It’d be cool to catch skellies and undead occasionally doing a little dance in their “camps.”


… vicious killer rabbits, dead parrots…
Also bridges. And you need to wear blue to cross it. Or else.

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I actually REALLY like that idea of facing the Grim Reaper and learning the recipe for his Scythe. And I also agree that the two handed Great Axe animations would suit it nicely. :skull:

And to Weylund and Mavelle, thats the spirit, I love the way you folks think!


I enjoyed the last Halloween Event but I think a week would’ve been good enough and I also like the idea of special Halloween T4 thralls that you can only get during the event but if this was to happen then I’d be happy with a 2 week event to have time to farm them all lol and pls that nighttime purplish glow was to much on the eyes maybe only during the nighttime

I’d like to see a new light, medium and heavy armor set that all give strength stat focused on PvP and could be luminescent like wight armor or look old and tattered/creepy.
For the light set it could be similar to skelos armor look wise but have a tattered cape and if the hood is on you can’t see the face, it’s just black with red glowy eyes

Yes, again! It was AWESOME!!!
(For those who did not like the light, you could adjust it - though they did fix it)
Anyway, single player was a great experience - please bring it on again!

Any shorter? We need week long events like WoW (World of Warcraft), GuildWars 2, ESO (Elderscrolls), etc. (Fun times, man!) :slight_smile:

Wolves should turn into werewolves! :slight_smile:

^yes this

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