Halloween Patch Status Update

They just released in the news and announcements. Apologies for delay. Will be up as soon as possible, but no date set

This was thier post on Facebook about an hour ago: [Xbox] Unfortunately, we will need to postpone the patch to remove the Halloween Event until early next week. We know this is frustrating, but we’re working with Microsoft to look into why the update would be 54GB. Both consoles will receive an additional patch for other fixes. We absolutely apologize for the inconvenience regarding this. PC and PS4 have this Halloween Event already patched out. We’ll provide updates as we get them.

Yes. Tascha also just answered my follow up question. When we finally come out of Halloween it will be with all of the hot fixes to avoid the bugs being reported by the PC and ps4 folks since the patch. I know, stressful, but worth waiting and getting a cleaner patch.

I’m sorry but it is a bit ridiculous for the patch to be delayed 6 to 7 days after the event was supposed to be over. I’ve been trying to get a friend to by this for the xbox and he has read all this bad publicity and problems and doesn’t want to spend $50 dollars for a game with such problems and annoyances. Very disappointing.

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Look I’m disappointed too and frustrated, but getting mad will not change anything. For me it’s a matter of seeing it as lemonade versus lemons.

This is just great , i try to deal and continue to play and now the lag across all servers is making the game literally un playable … i am trying to be patient due to this being mostly a pc game and yall not actually being ready to deal with Microsoft’s ridiculous cert process… however you guys really need to pick up the pace cause xbox players will drop conan for FO76 . Think about it yall gat like 6 days before your rival comes out fully and then your player base is going to plummit … and this continuing halloween mess is not helping

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For what it’s worth, a lot of the lag can be gotten rid of with an SD drive. Once I switched over, it corrected almost all of the lag and rendering issues I was seeing when I played on PVE-C server 2731.

Im an xbox box user … are you telling me to load conan and save files to an sd drive and that will help ?

Good God!..why would it be 54GB!? I hope they get that sorted out. I didn’t even download the Halloween update, wasn’t interested in it at all. I don’t want to have to download a huge update just to remove something I don’t even have.

Yes. I have an xbox 1 also. Seagate makes a special sd drive for xbox. You can get it in 512 gig, 1TB, or 2 TB. There’s a huge difference in performance when you run CE off of that. Some of the PC players recommended getting one.

Thanks i will have to give that a try … never thought to do that with the amount of on board memory

It’s the kind of memory. The built in is too slow.

Good luck and good gaming

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Yeah ty i will try that the next time im able

How much is the Seagate drive?

2tb hd is 80$

All this lag and night literally has me downloading another game to play until this patch is removed … unfortunately i cant play the game right now … but when yall get your stuff together the loyal CE players will be back

Be careful that’s not the SD drive. That’s a regular external hard drive. The external SD drives from Seagate designed for the xbox start at about $140.00 USD. It’s called “Game Drive for Xbox SSD”. I promise, I don’t work for them. :grin:

Its a lot of money for me … so unfortunately its not something i can do right now

Why having this event in the first Place?! Its just blue! Its so annoying! I havent played the game for the whole event. I was so excited the day it should be gone. But no! U guys should take ur game and put it up ur ■■■■■■. Im so upset.
U can apologize as long as u can, but it doesnt make that stupid event disappear…
Get it done already!

Com certeza vão perder uma base boa de fãs por essa falta de comprometimento com o Xbox one. Comprei o jogo, comprei a expansão e iria investir em mais duas. Agora vou esperar e usar o dinheiro em um jogo realmente acabado. Esse jogo tem muitos erros e falhas e até agora não vi nada pra solucionar. Desde inimigos que somem após a morte, até falta de uma inteligência artificial. Sem quests e com uma dificuldade enorme pra se evoluir após o level 60. Uma pena. Alé do fechamento so game e retorno pra tela inicial, o tempo todo.