Halloween Patch Status Update


This is bs … 5 days now guys … its cool take your time … i tap out … imma go play another survival game … anything is better than this right now what a waiste of money … i will not be recommending this game to anyone … all we get is excuses. Like what are you gonna do for us … going on a week past patch update date and the only thing we get is ITS MICROSOFTS FAULT well i hate to tell yah but no ITS YOUR FAULT you guys try to sell us a line like you did not know about the miceosoft cert process … but we all know thats a lie … so LETS GO PEOPLE cause i promise you if this update takes very much more time CONAN EXILES will be extinct on xbox one


SSD (solid state drive) Same on Ps4, SSD helps with several games. (Destiny 2, Conan exiles, Fall out 4) Some its simply “slightly” faster load times, some get abit better loading of assets. It varies from game to game.


I want my original game back. This week, I do not want next year.


Any news on this yet? The constant night gives me a migraine if I try and play.



From what they’ve posted, the XB1 update had to be re-submitted for certification (something about the “patch” being 55 GB) and they are going to try and fix the post-patch bugs they introduced on the PC and PS4. So I’m guessing mid-week, but who knows?


Anybody want to buy a couple hundred red dragon heads?


I’ll see that and raise you a few skeleton keys. It seems I have a few extra laying around in the cupboards now. :joy:


Hi Liebe Community ich wollte mal fragen wann jetzt das halloween event vorbei ist ?


Good group of solid professionals. You guys are doing just great. Oh btw…the game is unplayable. In case you weren’t aware. Which maybe you’re not since…you know…its still broken. For awhile now.

Good job.


I put in my refund for your game im sorry but with so many faultless games comming out i would rather play them now that i see that Fun com is not ready for xbox yet and i have zero confidence that this won’t happen again


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