Halloween Purge: A Real Treat - The eve of All Saints

My very, very favorite holiday is Halloween :jack_o_lantern:, the only real holiday in my opinion :yum:.

So for the month of October I’d love to see them replace our normal purges with a Halloween themed purge!

Who wouldn’t love, spiders, snakes, a glowing (green instead of blue) wight boss, werewolves…and the sweetest of all treats…Halloween themed (New, event only) NAMED THRALLS!


Support the cause, keep this post at the top, and show some love :black_heart:


@NOGG Thank you for the support.

Sadly FC confirmed they won’t be doing an event for Halloween this time around which is very unfortunate n unsatisfying but hey that’s juss life I guess. Perhaps that’s why we getting mounts for Xmas? Who knows but purple pumpkins, green skellys would be nice n what not


Well, that is most unfortunate. Maybe next year…:black_heart:

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Ho-pe-fully. Need my trick or treat :slight_smile:

Such a shame…

I really like this idea.
It would have been nice to have an alchemist, with the ability to craft luminous dyes.


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This is what I mean. I hope they have some kind if system that can loop old Halloween events so that this doesn’t happen. Nothing is happening this Halloween but they have the assets from the previous Halloween event. Why can’t it be repeated.

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Because there were issues with both the aesthetics and the mechanics (including the duration) last time. The aesthetics were mostly fixed in a hotfix, but this shouldn’t have taken place.

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I’m so disappointed. Oh well, I hope next year, maybe. :slight_smile::crossed_fingers:t2:

Hmm, there’s that Wine Cellar dungeon on Test Live, I wonder if they plan to time its release around Halloween in lieu of limited-time event. That would still be pretty cool, IMO.

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