"Halloween quests enabled".. thanks i guess?

I just came back like a week ago, saw people discussing a halloween event so I go to the forums to check announcements to get info on this.
Where is it, what level do i need to be, what sort of content is it… you know… typical announcements for events. Maybe something to build up hype to get people to log in to their game and play it.

So, I find the announcement and its literally “quests enabled for halloween heres the 3”

can someone help me out with these questions I have on the event? Maybe have fun with it, pretend youre the community manager and you want people to know about this event and do the content.


thanks in advance

Well if it’s the standard 3 from years past you have:

Conach Village which starts the Werewolf one. The quest giver is in the AH compound and has all the sheep around him. The best one in my opinion and rewards you with some different cloaks. Now I’m not a cloak person and think they look ugly, but they each sale for 50s so it’s a good way to earn gold.

Khemi’s get’s you thrown into the Great Pyramid to become a sacrifice to Set and you have to fight your way out of it. You do pick up a cosmetic outfit while in there that’s of use to some afterwards. Quest giver is near the trainer in front of the AH.

Now across the river (the side with the Khitai, Turan etc… travel guys) behind the achievements guy is a quest giver for the PVP version of the quest.

Tant’s is a zombie thing with the quest giver in front of the gate to the old section of town (catty corner from the Noble District gate). Not my favorite.

For all I’m pretty sure the min level is 50 (which does suck) and they all have write up’s if you google them.

Last year they also enabled the return to Tortage one, which while not a Halloween event I think does a pretty good job of being in the same vein as one. The quest giver for it is on the Tant docks near the ramp up to the city.


thanks. maybe i can get to 50 before the end of the month then :slight_smile: i do have higher level alts but assuming rewards are bound to character

No need to wait until lvl 50 :slightly_smiling_face:

“By the Light of the Moon” can be done at lvl 40
“Thirst of the Serpent God” and “The Shambling Plague” even at lvl 20

more info at: Halloween Events Guide

That’s good. A few years back my alt wasn’t able to start that one until she hit 50 so I guess they listened to the player base and lowered the level requirements.

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