Halp this land already claimed


Playing solo PVE on PC. Built a building a long time ago started new character now I can’t remove the crafting stations or pick anything up. I’ve been destroying walls and such, but now I have crafting stations hovering in the air where I wanna rebuild. Made myself admin and don’t see any way to pick up the stations or move them. What am I missing? And cannot place on foundations as land is already claimed. I have only ever played solo.

Halp please and thank you :slight_smile:

Starting a new save will delete anything there was before.
Just making a new Character would not.

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As an admin, you can point at an object, and then press “Shift + Delete” to delete that item. I’ve found that if you get spammy with the “Shift + Delete”, you can get it to delete large chunks of connected items/foundations too.

You could even spawn a few dragons to wack on things if you are bored.

Ah, ty. Had to delete the entire structure and start over. Doing that piece by piece with a large multi level structure is not something I will ever do again. Especially since I now know about the Shift Delete. Thank you.

And remember, remove the foundations first to avoid needing to remove the walls/ceilings/upper floors. Then you just need to remove remaining floating objects and thralls.

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Ooh, ty

Also see this topic if you want to reclaim your old stuff. Probably too late for you in this specific case, but could be useful down the line:

That’s another players separate issue (without any sort of resolution to it) and has absolutely nothing in common with my question.

What are you talking about? It was resolved. Sure, he didn’t mark it as answered, but it was clearly fixed. It’s a different problem but the solution could well be the same…

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