Hammer asset used on the new Blacksmith benches glow


This is just something I noticed since I’m a visual kind of person.

It seems that the hammer asset design used on the new “Garrison Blacksmith’s bench” and the " Campaign Blacksmith’s Bench" is using the same assets from the Improved black smiths bench and since the hammer is close to the fire the assets changes color to look like it’s hot on that bench while the bench is in play mode (working/crafting), but the other new benches have the hammer way far and should not be red when the bench is in Play mode (working/Crafting).

Here are some screenshots describing what I’m talking about:

Might need a small assets update since at night that hammer looks way too odd on the bench all in red and no fire near it!

Don’t judge me on this as my job is a graphic/model designer and I notice these things :smile: besides the game has nice attention to details and would love to keep it that way.


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