Hammer Kick Weaker The Normal Kick

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Hammer kick does 2 damage while a normal kick does damage related to your strength. I feel like this is a bug.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Kick with a hammer
    2.Kick without a hammer

Well it may that it’s strength related but the war hammer adds damage during the kick as it is saying your damage is this I also have seen it two but npcs damage is a straight number where as if you can get another player per say and they use a great sword both of you same armor and see if there’s a different but when I do this to npcs which been around for awhile it did more damage I like the great sword so but it’s been around for a while at least but I don’t use war hammers as I don’t like them but I’m on Xbox and noticed it but never sure what type of damage it is heavy light weapon pen matter so on but it’s a good question though

If the hammer is adding damage then why is kicking while holding it weaker then kicking without?

It could be an artifact of the way it’s coded in the game. When you don’t have a weapon equipped, and you kick (or punch), the strength bonus will be added because you don’t have a weapon. If you have a weapon equipped, the game code might be written in such a way that the strength bonus is now transferred to the weapon, and only to the weapon. Your kick when you have a weapon might not get the bonus because the bonus only applies to the weapon? If the bonus isn’t there, it should be. But maybe the way they have it written in the game variables causes it to be less.

That is what we in the industry professionally call either an “unintended behavior” or “unexpected feature”.

Also known as a bug.

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True but it’s been around for a long time so if it is a bug then it won’t be a priority as the journey step says fear the mighty kick :joy:

Hey there,

We’ll poke our team to see if this is unintended or by design.
Thanks for the heads-up


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