Hammers and undead

Im stealing this from another game. But how does everyone feel about hammers and maces doing 150% damage to undead? Legendary ones can do 175%.


If they’re skeletons, sure, more damage would make sense. But if they’re the zombie type with flesh and skin and everything, then a big no.

Yeah i was mainly thinkin the skeletons, alot of people including myself think they are a lil op

Maybe introduce a tool of some sort that gives maces the added temporary ability to make significantly more damage to skeletons, when they are equipped or wielded alongside the maces?

I can see makkin another type of mod to add xtra damage to certain enemy types. Heck made the blunted weapon fittings add damage to skeletons. Logically that makes sense

And spears could do 150% damage to beasts. I would love to go hunting with my spear :+1:

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Isnt Specter coating or the Ghast weapons already for that?

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I’d be happy if hammers could just stagger (non-boss) undead creatures. Currently undead of all sorts are a pain to fight with anything because I need to roll around dodging their attacks while they just face-tank mine.

It would kinda make sense that being hit by one of those ridiculously enormous hammers would knock back even someone who doesn’t feel pain.

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Skeletons have abit of flesh on them… mummified it looks like. And there magically being held tougther, Not sure blunt object would do that much more to them.
They dont even stagger,


Hammer, mace and baseball bat are the best tools to break bones inside flesh on living people. They should do an even better job to breaks bare bones from skeletons, shouldn’t they ?

There not really bare thou like D&D skeletons. There more zombie/mummy looking. XD

I’m totally with Kapoteeni. The staggering of these nasty undead should be reactivated…

Tried out the specter coating. While it did kick but, the effects only lasted through fighting 2 skeletons at the black keep. I googled how long it was suppose to last, found a reddit thread, and i think someone mentioned this post lol. I still gotta try the weapons.

I think weapons like the mace, hammer, and perhaps the axe (not sure though) should have the stagger effect on undead, perhaps while having weapons like daggers, pikes, spears, and arrows do less damage? (just my 2 cents)

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