Hammers needs reworking

Over the past couple of years I have seen hammers getting dunked on, over and over and over again.
Since Age of War update, hammers are near useless. Costing 62 Stamina per heavy swing whilst the rest of the weapons probably cost around half (give or take some minor numbers). You can’t pull off 3 heavy attacks without exhausting your stamina. Even the light attacks cost at least double of all the other weapons out there.
Not to mention the heavy moveset is just near unusable in nearly all circumstances since the nerf of the hitbox range and it’s utterly slow speed which makes it easily telegraphed.
Long story short; too much risk, not enough reward.

Therefore I think it’s appropriate that the heavy moveset should be completely reworked. Damage multipliers, animations included. To illustrate to make it more fairer. The first attack should have a big step forward (or two quick smaller ones for animations sake) with a downward slam, the second with another single quicker short step with a vertical spin downward slam (starting down to up to down) that’s slightly quicker with a lessened multiplier, the third upward heave we all know and love, The finisher another step forward with a huge, single horizontal spin.
I personally do not mind taking some minor numbers from damage multipliers to compensate. Plus lowering the stamina cost a little bit as well, not a huge amount.

I’m not asking hammers to be overpowered or top tier just please, make hammers decent again.

Also another suggestion, balance the grit attribute better since the stamina regen speed is already godly.
So corresponding to this; -1% stamina regen per point NOT invested. So for example: 0 Grit = -20% stam regen penalty. Whereas 20 points = normal regen (no penalty) or another example: 10 points = -10% regen.

But the primary issue is the first one mentioned above.

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