Hand salvaging/repair of weapons and armor by combining and reprocessing

I have recently started playing the game and it has improved quote a bit from when I first started you had no skills for anything for very basic necessity like grass mat (and disappeared on use) and no items dropped so it was a hideous skill grind from the start, a now things are beter starting out and I actually notice npcs I kill have items I can use.

Though now with progressing I pick up items which I want to salvage and reprocess into mats to save space and same time get some mats for items want/base, and think that it would add realisum and more adventure if npc’s droped more items used and clothing (if they have them WYSWYG) to balance it out make it low quality or durability and have option to repair items or improve by combining two of them.

I heard a bench can be used later (its steel tech) to disassemble things but I dont get why it can’t just be done by hand (you can repair the broken blades or hafts with raw mats) and or using existing benches and forges. By time get to steel you probably dont even need the resources so its kind of useless, and when you do need it to reduce inventory, if you are at steel I seem to be running out of space and am just throwing things away.

I have found though on flip side if enslaving thrals you get too many good weapons with nordhiems that is good steel, ancient and full durability, compared with the drop and kill getting heavly damaged stuff if you convert them you get perfect gear, which should be nerfed or equalized compared with just killing them, its also weirdly unrealistic, you get perfect gear full durability geer if you convert them but kill them, you get access to different items that are damaged, for realism the loot should be the same of conversion or looting.

Idealy I would like loot to be more WYSWYG, but balanced with items npc having being low durability and rarely high quality, having steel or iron igots droping kind of gets the equivelent of something you can use for gear to repair or make things for but getting items themselves which the NPCs have would add a bit more to realism (who would be holding raw igots other then a blacksmith or a merchant). It would be good to have salvaging or repairing by existing items a priority over changing loot system if at all, being that if more items drop instead of raw mats which can be readily used and you can’t readily salvage them for materials people are used to, that would make things worse.

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