Handful of bugs

List of bugs from a PVP-C server
. Vault main chest emptied.
. Surge summon thralls stop dropping down after 3rd wave (South), get stuck inside leyshire wall (North)
. Why there’s no T4 armorer? Why there are more of dancers and bearer? Online game is a buffet! Therefore, everything should be on the table.
. Thrall PERK system is a pain. I know. Its already there since the beginning but Archer, Dead eye, and many useless Survival Perks has absolutely nothing to do with a fighter. Challenges exist but they need to make sense.
C’mon guys please fix these. Game is infamous because of bugs and people are leaving…

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Dancers won’t drink healing pots. Don’t recall if they will drink other attribute potions, etc.

I’ve seen a number a T4 armorers, so they do indeed exist.

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Here’s some more bugs:
-Black Knight Armor is completely unobtainable aside from the Judge, because the armor is only delved from Redeemed Silent Legion, which requires you to be able to “craft” Silent Legion, which as far as I know, you can’t. BTW, why doesn’t “normal” Silent Legion delve to this? The Silent Legion armor should have 2-delving recipes like Pride of the Aesir does… one for Black Knight and one for itself.

-War Court Armor is almost completely unobtainable aside from the Judge. The “only” place I know to get it is on the T4 named Bearer thrall that drops during the T4 Dagonite surge. KO him, wheel him, place him, he will have a single piece of Lemurian Royal which you can delve for a chance at War Court. Lemurian Royal armor needs to be added to the loot tables of the other T4 Dagonite enemies. The Lemurian Royal armor should have 2-delving recipes like Pride of the Aesir does… one for War Court and one for itself.

-Healing portions on thralls is completely useless, since a 200 health potion is next to worthless to a thrall with 10k health. Make the potions heal a % of maximum and upgrade the AI to have a thrall automatically use a potion if health drops below a threshhold.

-Bindings of the Dead unobtainable since you can’t get a Heart of the Hero on Siptah. Add Heart of a Hero to perhaps T4 Relic Hunter boss loot tables.

-Frostsmithing next to worthless since the Forge of Ymir is not on Siptah. Add the recipes to the Blacksmith/Armorer’s bench on Siptah.

-Composite Obsidian next to worthless since since there’s no forge to craft anything on Siptah. Add the recipes to the Blacksmith/Armorer’s bench on Siptah.

-T4 Crafters still too rare. Need something like a “guaranteed” 1 per T4 surge.

-Delving is not fun. Slot-machines for random prizes are not fun. Just grindy. It’s rather it work like: You put the item and eldarium in the bench and press a button. For every 1 bar you place in, you have 1% chance to delve a recipe. Put in 100 bars, you have 100% chance.




This ^^ to me shows such sloppy work and a complete failure in game launch. I mean, awesome job in pointing out the flaws…but Funcom, come on. This just seems like such a bandaid job on content.

I have been able to obtain T4 crafter. Thanks to Sitah team.

Good now they can come in and give the rest of us one.

Normal Silent Legion now does delve to Black Knight (and nothing else). This was a recent change that happened when they fixed delving.

AFAIK Rusted armor also delves in Black Knight. How and where you get it, though, is another matter.

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