Handheld Battering Ram for player use?

Title. It can be spawned in via the Admin Panel, has animations, stamina cost (very little oddly) as well as stats. It also slows you down to walking pace when held, and knocks human NPC’s over when you give them a little tap.

All thats missing is the “calm” idle animation and the ability to deal more than 1 damage to player buildings (when used by a player). Its really cool. If its not already planned, this could also be used in AoW C3, for the PvE “Raid”

Going deeper into PvP I can see potential for the ram to mix things up if we combine it with a rework to bombs (and probaby wombo-combo arrows). Namely I’m thinking a new station exclusively for making the bombs on-site, that are then carried similarly to big treasure items. There’d have to be nuances like being able to jump, climb and “sprint” while carrying them though, or they’d be useless.

Also, given the nature of bases, the ram would also need to be able to slam downwards too. Smashing holes in the floor to drop below, or forcing your way into a chest for example.

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