Handmade savage armors

Some armor should be handmade without the need of a crafting station, like darfari armor.

I’ve just started in a new official server with the objective of reaching level 60 without building a base, just handmade items, except by cooked meat on a campfire. Only way I get to use armor or metal weapons is if I get it off npcs or other players.

Then I noticed not even darfari armor is handcrafted, guess that means I’m gonna be naked the whole leveling curve. But there could be some armor that is handcrafted because, just look at those darfari, they dont have any armorer bench on their camps.

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purely from the logic i agree with you, but with the quantity of recipes that already fill the handcrafting menu i am absolutely against it


If it’s hand-crafted, it doesn’t have options for exceptional/flawless versions. This is why the Conan’s Royal armor (which is hand-crafted) is so little used.

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and another good point for not implementing it this way

Agree the crafting inventory needed a remake first, but since funcom is revisiting so many things lately maybe they will find a better solution to crafting too.

In practice being able to handcraft the royal atmor is useless as you need processed material you cant handmake.

But come to think of it the basic furnace, blacksmith and tanner is so basic I cant even justify not crafting then logically. It’s more for the sake of a new challange.

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