Hanuman’s Groto Gorilla question

Game mode: Single player
Type of issue: Having multiple Gorillas causes the extra’s description to be blank

After killing Vilas the Loyal and using the withering heart to get a Gorilla and than repeating that process. It causes any additional Gorilla obtained this way to not have a description or the pet tag on them.

  1. Kill Vilas the Loyal
  2. Use withering heart to get Gorilla
  3. Use Gorilla to Kill Vilas the Loyal
  4. Use withering heart to get another Gorilla
  5. Use multiple Gorilla’s at the same time to kill Vilas the Loyal

Current Mods being used:
Crafty Counters
Improved Quailty of Life
Sandbox: Sustainable farming
Fence gates
Strays Crafts

The only Mod I think would cause an issue is the Pickup+ seeing how if I pick up a Gorilla during combat when they are low health sometimes they will have an item in their inventory called, “xx_Gorilla_Jab_1_Pet” (The # will change depending on which hotbar slot it was in when I placed it.)
That I have to remove before I can pick them up. Maybe this is removing the description with it?

I might be causing my own issue but thought I would inquire about it.

Thanks for taking a look!

Hello @RuneFox, thank you for getting in touch!

This seems to be an issue due to the Pickup+ mod as you’ve suggested, as it should be giving you another item that you’re not supposed to get through normal gameplay, not the original Boon of the Gorilla.

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