Happy 9th Anniversary The Secret World

The original game was released on this day back in 2012. I had pre-ordered it from my local Gamestop, and remember running in to collect it, then spending the rest of the day playing it, and the next five years too. It had its flaws but was a brilliant game, and probably my favourite game of the last decade, along with Elite Dangerous. I plan on playing it all day, although I still miss chatting with my friends and cabalmates.


Wohooo! :slight_smile:


The true anniversary for the superior game.


Indeed Darxide. Vastly superior.

Happy b-day, TSW!
Maybe next year we’ll see an AO-like video from Andy for the occasion, 10 is a nice round number :slight_smile:

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Maybe they’ll mark the 10th anniversary next year by bringing back all the seasonal events one more time. I would give anything to play through the End of Days,The Seven Silences and The Christmas Conspiracy again.


I think all we have now is memories of this once wonderful game though, and even if all the old seasonal missions returned, the game just wouldn’t be the same without all the people we knew from back then.


Yeah, the community really was something special. I still like poking my head in now and then to say hi to the folks still hanging on, but it is certainly different.

I also dream of being able to play all the old Event content and missing story content sometime!