Happy Anniversary 1000 days of Exiled Lands MAP!

The first :grin: Official Servers have reached 1 000 days of operation :timer_clock:
(with the Exiled Lands map on PC).

On this :partying_face: occasion, I would like to wish :hugs: everyone much more cheerful playtime, thank for :heart_eyes: supporting the game, and I hope for many years of :clown_face: further fun.

I hope that I will be able to organize a few in-game attractions for the day when the server I play on reaches 1 000 (few days left). Depending on the number of online players, we’ll play hide-and-seek, a pvp tournament and even a quick building competition. The in-game prizes are waiting for the winners.

Are you planning any attractions too? Do you want to make a comment? Go ahead! Do it on this topic.


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