Happy new year Funcom

Thank you for the Conan Exile game, i know we QQ allot :), we mean no harm we are all aware that Conan Exile is the best game on his category, Beautiful graphics, good optimization etc… Compare with other games in this category Ark, Rust, Atlas (- what a joke) you guys prove that quality can come back in gaming industry at a decent price. There are bugs and there will always be.

I wish you all the best and be happy


Japp gott nytt år på er alla!!!


This is all subjective, but when I get a few thousand hours into a game and all I want to do is play it some more, I know it’s a good thing. Thanks for another great year to all of you, and also to the Community that makes this game more than just entertainment. I look forward to what we discover together in 2019! :confetti_ball:


Happy New Year devs, community managers and exiles one and all :slight_smile:


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