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My character name is Fargast and I’m on the Official Server #1030 PvE. Yesterday two members of the clan Z were haning around my base. We talked briefly, but nothing of interest, just how are you, stuff like that. I left the base to gather some stone and wood and logged out of the game. When I logged back in this morning I was entombed in a structure they had build around my unconcious character. Now, usually I can take a joke, but this is a PvE server and my gaming time is very limited, so I was really annoyed. I don’t want to lose my gear because of this. My character is still locked in the structure and I have screenshots as proof, but for some reason I can’t upload images.
Can you help me? I hope to hear from you!

You can not upload pictures until you have been on the forum for a while. Can not remember how long might be in the forum intro or rules. Not much Funcom can do for you in this case. Hopefully u will login next time and they will have set u free. Beyond that always logout in a safe spot. Seems pve can some times griefed as much as pvp it is not illegal.

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Thanks for your reply Sestus. It’s really a waste. I put a lot of work into this character but now I don’t want to stay on that server. Maybe I should just stick to single player …


If this is what you consider harassment, it would probably be better to stick to singleplayer indeed. Alternatively, you can learn from this experience and analyze what you did wrong (hint: logged out in the middle of nowhere unprotected).


.dont log out in the middle of nowhere
.dont log out with stuff on you, as you can die of temp effects or just randomly and all your stuff is gone anyway


I chose to play on a Player versus Environment server for a reason. I want to team up with others and fight the environment, not other players.
I’m very disapointed by the attitude of other players (on the server and on this forum), but also by the fact that there is nowhere for me to go with this problem. I wanted to make a ticket or something, but I saw no other option than to post it on this forum in the hope that it would be addressed. It wasn’t intended for everyone to give his or her opinion.

If I have to accept these conditions of PvE servers, then in my opinion they are not PvE servers at all. So maybe I am better off in a single player game indeed.

At Funcom:
I don’t know if you are reading this, but it would be nice if we can have more than just 1 single player game. It’s a shame you didn’t respond. Thanks anyway.

Patience much? They respond, I’ve witnessed it personally.

The players ingame were douches, the statements made by the members of this forum have been honest opinions and good advice. They were only trying to help and you should listen. Conan was never attached to many items, he carried a few signature weapons or armor and that changed over time. Don’t get too attached to your gear and let that ruin your experience.


The official servers are not moderated as Funcom has neither the staff nor budget for such a large undertaking. However, there are lots of privately run servers that do have admins. Check the Servers and Recruiting forum and see if you can find an active server with good and fair admins in your timezone.


After a while of playing. You’ll notice that many servers vary in troll- tensity. This applies to all servers. Pvp or pve official or not.

I would suggest finding a different server and would invite you to mine and give you stuff but it is a PVP server. Probably not what you want.

I would even suggest trying a private roleplay server as those are generally moderated and “entombing” or “wrapping someones base” does not happen often and admins can bail you out with a simple teleport if needed. Rp servers are probably what you want, look for a “light” RP server so you don’t have to go be in character 24/7.

Also a server with pippi mod (pc) also has a teleport command… so that’s another QoL thing of private servers.


send a message to @Ignasis , or @Hugo , with the pics and u never know…

I don’t believe I would classify this as harassment. Annoying, yes.

Things to consider:

  1. When you next log in, face the structure and hold SHIFT, that will tell you the time the structure will last, wait until it decays

  2. Remove your bracelet, you will respawn on you bedroll, losing anything you are carrying

Things to consider:

  1. Log out only in your base

  2. if you must log out in the wild, put down an 8x8 ring of sandstone foundations around you, that’s 980 stone and 140 wood*. They can wall you in but can’t roof it over

*Updated to correct that math error pointed out to me.

When I find someone in the wild, I shake my head, because sandstorms and animals will eat them. I build a structure around them, but leave an open block, it’s cheap, perhaps will give them pause, and provides some protection.

This was an error on your part where others took advantage. Learn the lesson, move on.


You need to join a private server with an admin if you want the interactions with other players as well as a moderator type figure who can help u when stuff does go south. Have you tried messaging someone from the clan that tombed u in? Assuming they werent being complete jerks and were only messin around they might have been waitin for u to message them to let u out.

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Sorry @Larathiel - I thought I had directed it at @Fargast - and have now redirected. Apologies

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@Fargast - Ten days on since your last comment so I am guessing you found a solution?

All of the comments in here are completely accurate. Best to log out in your base or at least somewhere hard to find or very high up I guess.

If an official server has griefing and harassment to an extreme degree, and glotching/exploits are possible, then Harassment and Griefing Issues - but in your case check out reviews of official PvP and PvE servers and if they do not meet your needs, look at the private servers. good luck!

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Ah ok, just wanted to make sure something important hadn’t gone over my head. Thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile:


@Grymm and @Larathiel, sincerely, well done.

There was a misunderstanding, it was resolved, everyone moved on without rancor.



That’s great, glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

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