Harassment and griefing on Russian server

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Online official 1213 Pve-K
Harassment and griefing
Server type: Pve-K
Region: Eu

I was humiliated and killed for fun and then they have fun in the chat, with mockery, as far as I know this person has already been banned but he returned with a new nickname BEE before his name was sorry for my French DickPick!

Player with the nickname BEE GRUMPY#15722
In some very suspicious way, he quickly turns up at my house and kills me! He insults me in chat and harasses girls, writes very nasty things that really hurt me. Most likely using cheats.
I would provide a screenshot, but new users are not allowed!
Sorry for any possible mistakes in the letter, since I am Russian and use a translator!

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Понял спасибо комрады(

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