Harassment in RF

The problems with the raidfinder are, as mentionend, that it rewards you for doing absolutly nothing, that there is no mechanic that helps to ged rid of trolls (vote-kick-option), and that there is no explanation BY THE GAME ITSELF for new players.

It is easy to bash on veterans, of course we want new people to play with! But we want interested people, who like to play the game and improve and get better. Not purple pixel hunters. Because those players will not progress to end game content, they will not add to the player pool veterans are interestetd in.

The T3,5 RF right now is a perfect example. IF people would stick to some very very very basic tactics, we would rush trough it. But even people who know better, because they raid the real raids, behave like morons and just ignore every mechanic. It is totally not ok to rely on the goodwill of veterans to explain tactics. As a veteran, you type, explain, type, explain, and you clearly see how many people even bother to read the raidchat. If they actually found it. It just blows my mind how many people grind this “content” endlessly, and never ever improve the slightest, regardless how many exp. epople type and post scripts and explain. You see the same people making the same mistakes, dieing from the same things over and over again - and you can do nothing about it. And that is the oint why it is so frustrating for veterans: Regardless how many times or how good we explain - it does not change the big picture. It is just torture, because we can not hange the situation. You can not MAKE people play better, if they do not want to.
And after…2? years of RF I can tell you: 90% of the new and unexperienced players do not want to learn or improve. They want the loot.

There isnt even a kick option? thats…like an 18 year old invention…I recall there being one in Anarchy Online so am not sure what Funcom is thinking here.

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It is just insane that Funcom ignores such important issues like that and just does minimal effort. But they prove time and again they don’t truly care to improve things for AoC.

The problem is that a kick mechanism can be abused unless very carefully coded.
We have seen the “vote to retreat” mechanism be used to troll raids …it pops a message up in the middle of our screens mid-fight and so distracts as you have to click yes or no to get it to go away. And if enough people click no, the raid doesn’t disband …and it can be selected again by the same person … I’ve been in RFs where that has popped up on my screen repeatedly in one fight …either initiated by one person or people you know are working together to disrupt the raid.

People can accidentally select vote to retreat to try and leave RF before the end instead of opening the RF signup menu and selecting leave from there or clicking on the door they spawned next to (which performs the same function to drop you out of RF). It is pretty easy to tell the difference between this and “vote-to-retreat”-spam trolling.

And we have no access to GM intervention for eight hours a day…so all petitions we make in those hours regarding RF they have to try and solve for us hours after the event has occurred.
Even when online… the raid can finish or disband before they get to us in the queue …though I know they do their best to clear them …it’s just what it is…

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Believe me when I tell you that AoC is tame compared to DC Universe Online.

Do those windows have timers where you have to vote before its up? Can the windows be moved to the side and ignored?!?

These are vastly outdated raid functions that have been fixed a long time ago in other games.

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