Harassment? Pve-Conflict server

Hi, We started playing with my friend a couple of weeks ago. One night, while collecting materials, I killed one player. The player followed me to our base and when I logged in the next day, he had built a wall around our base. You cannot climb over the wall because it is full of spikes. Can we do anything or should I just stop playing? Server is official # 1040 Pve-Conflict.

If you have Problems with Griefing and Herrasment here you found the latest Information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please
DM one of the Community Team

and a replay from a Member from the Community Support

I tried to contact community members by pm, but i cant send any…


Hey @Nahkaparturi

We’re sending you a DM so we can continue the conversation privately. However, keep in mind that this is our stance regarding griefing in official servers:

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