Harassment such as detailed death threats, what to do?

Didn’t find anything on he forums besides report this to steam which I did, but are there any internal measures to take. The person wasnt threatening me but that doesnt nullify the actions. I took screenshots of the event and Im sure there are logs. Not attempting to be a SJW just making sure Im not turning my back on a potential issue.

edit: the threat was detailed real life threat not ingame to be more specific

call the cops let them follow up with funcom.

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…dont let words on the internet hurt you…

The question is: What do you want? How seriously did you feel threatened or offended (or the person you’re talking about)?

Do you just want to get this other guy banned from the game? Just that little payback or emotional revenge… Or do you really take what he said very serious?

  1. You contact FUNCOM with screens as proof and maybe g-portal, Steam or whomever and wait.
  2. You go to the police and/or a lawyer and let them file a case. Easy. Has nothing to do with being a SJW. It all depends on how far you want to go.
  3. You just ignore idiots on the internet. Also viable.
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This. The local County has enough legal and court authority to take it from there.


Funcom I would wager is not expert in threat assessment. Its not their area of work and if the threats were detailed enough funcom is not be competent or professional enough in assessing them.

That type of threat assessment is something mental health professionals and police are trained to do.

Funcom policy fails them and the player base when it comes to threats and threat assessment. It only deals with harassment and does not mention threats of harm or someone challenged by suicidal ideation.

I don’t think they have a clue on how to deal with that. - just look at where they ask you to send it, its an exploit/bug reporting page.

I bet they have no formal way to prioritize, elevate or rank such complaints.

Yeah, I contacted customer support and was met with a cookie cutter we do not moderate the servers response. Guess the local police department can take it from here. Thanks guys and gals. Just a little P.S. ignoring a problem is a great way to be part of the problem.


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