Harassment with the vote kick


He’s wrong about what? Please be more specific… :laughing:

And, why shouldn’t he come here to defend it? That’s the best thing that happened to the game since a very long time! :wink:


Vote to kick is perfectly fine. If you don’t like it, then don’t be afk, don’t be a jerk, and do mechanics properly (and if you don’t know mechanics, ask someone).


the idea here is a hassament in the vote kick, do not come here to give your opinion on what you think of the vote kick


The idea here is about hassament in the vote kick. if you are not a victim please do not change the idea, it will give your opinion on the global. I want to solve some problems and not talk to you…


ROFL :rofl:

By the way, the Vote to kick solves way more problems that it might eventually create, so it’s a very positive thing, and most of the people I know likes it. :smiley:

You don’t? Well, sorry for you, but it looks like you will have to adapt. :wink:


I think votekick serves an excellent purpose in RF and I totally agree with @Yawgmoth that it is one of the best things added to the game lately. Especially now as people, at least in the RF’s I have been in, don’t start votekicks just for the sake of starting a votekick against someone they dislike. Participation rate is higher even thought the leechers now join the bosses room and do one or two combos to try to circumvent an AFK-vote.

Think Mussagna wrote it earlier also that votekick is here to stay and I think most people are happy about this feature.I simply can’t see the fault in the fact that if 2/3 votes to have you kicked there might be a good reason for it like spewing “#&/”&/# in raid chat or AFK:ing at rezpad. New people wont get kicked for being new people, especially if they say something about it in raid chat beforehand so any mechanic; wheter it be miasma, parasite or entity pads, could be explained (at least in english).


If I may, I think you may have needed to choose your topic a bit more precisely because if what you had in mind was to collect all people who thought ‘being victim of harassment’ in RF through the vote kick feature, right now it does not really reflect this.
Because the way it is right now made it like it was an open discussion about the feature which could lead to potential problems, ‘harassment’ being one of them.

No offense to you or anyone else, but all I can see ever since you opened this thread, is only you complained about this problem. When I don’t know you or dismiss anything of what you are saying, all I can say is it does not seem any of the other posters in this thread seemed to have lived such an experience.
Some of us, including me, could see there might be some ways this system could lead to some abuse, yet, we have not (or almost never maybe) witnessed such things happening so far.
Don’t you think there might be some kind of a reason why you are getting kicked again and over again?

From what I could see people are usually getting kicked for a reason.

Just saying.


Wait a minute! Who made you a moderator on this forum?

Anyways. RF is working quite well. Sure, nothing is perfect, but 16/24 have to agree for a kick to go through. That makes the vote to kick option quite reliable.


I do not know how many times you participate in rf, miasma? maybe 25 days ago. I do not know what you’re really talking about. I only do raids and raid finder. I would do it until last Sunday, 40 rf a day or even more. but I stopped the game until it solved these hassament problems. I just be in the rf … if the votes starts, I can not say anything in the chats to start the pornographic jokes with my person, even those who are blocked know, and I am make a joke in the chat, I’m supporting this for more of 5 months. if you do not have harassment problems on that server that good.

and yes 16/24 I understand but 10 of these votes are those that in all type “yes”


wtf did I just read?


40 raid finders a day, wtf man?



I think these statistics show the level of the game. aoc is probably being buried. I give up everything.


AoC was released on steam wayyyy after its release (5 years) and almost no one plays it via steam.
As you can see when looking at those numbers, and reading what they say.


this shows me that the game is dead a long time… I dont care about it more. I do not mean bad about the developers … but this is really comic. the funcom is the real role play here. making jokes with the players. is what I see in the game and in the forums. good luck


So suddenly you go from moaning about the vote to kick option to idk? impotent attempts at making people sour?
Don’t let the door hit you on your way out…


The pity you were seeking, was not found here. How dramatic


If you are being harassed by participants in raid finder, or are being targeted, then you need to start screenshotting with timestamps every time it occurs so you have actual proof to show to a GM so that they can investigate it. Same goes with any residual harassment in global, nph, and /tells.

You should also start asking yourself “Why am I being kicked, and what can I do better in the future?” Because its NOT fun for 20+ other people to constantly carry someone who’s all in t4 and doesnt know how to tank, or someone who doesnt know how to heal, or doesnt pay attention to strategies on a daily basis. If you DON’T know a strat (and by now you should, since you said you hit rf 40 times a day) you should ask, and this should be done before a fight. If no one answers, then it’s the raids problem for not stopping to mention tactics.

From all that I’ve seen with RF kicking is that, while yes, it CAN be abused, 95% of the kicks are justifiable.

Also, using the steam charts to gauge the active community is laughable, given most people don’t use the steam launcher for the game.


Funcom doesn’t careyou are being harassed. Trust me on this. The only way to get something done is if someone tellss you to do harm to yourself, you can then go to your local police a file a complaint.


There could be many reasons for a vote kick, some justified some not, of course. Apart afkers and trolling, a single failure in performing a task or a tactic should never be a cause of a vote kick (I would never kick for this). From the other side, a constant failure (the classical example of “miasma” or “blood draw” missed over and over by the same person) despite tips and explanations, can push people to kick a player and this is understandable. I prefer to try to explain tactics in raid chat than kick, but time is precious for everyone and can be very frustrating repeating over and over a content cause the same mistake.

In your specific case, Evangelini, if you were kicked cause you used your DT as dps, well just moves on. But state before the fight, in raid chat, you can’t perform a tank role (for gear, experience or whatever) and all will be ok. Communicate is the key.

If you were kicked cause you failed a tactic more times, beasides reading tactics, there are some settings very useful (should always be used in group/raids) that can help you (or others in the same issue) to perform better:

  1. first of all, enable “show timer bar” ( Interface Options --> Advanced --> Display Hidden GUI ) and drag the opponent castbar (that one on the right) in a position on the screen where it will be never covered from buff/debuff icons on target. Difficulty to “read” the castbar is one of the most common reasons for “missing blood draw” people even when they know the tactics. You can disable the setting, once positioned the cast bar in the desidered position.
  2. enable “show vicinity player names” ( Interface Options --> Nametags ). This will shows the name of each character over the head giving you full cognition where all others around you are positioned. You will have much more control on the situation. Btw if a character is charmed, the name will become red (instead blue) allowing the immediate recognition of the charmed toon and its position.
  3. enable “moveable target’s target portrait” (Interface Options --> HUD --> HUD Elements). This improves readability of target’s target bar adding a fully positionable secondary target bar in combat. Even this, makes more easy “reading” the castbar.
  4. This not a setting. Use voice chat. Having a friend in voice, during fight, helping you with tactics and timing, it’s a good way to learn and take things in a more relaxed way.

Harassing,in the end, is a different matter. It’s a behaviour not acceptable and breaks Funcom rules we all accepted. If someone harasses you, I’m agree with Baritha: do a petition, explain what happened, give all info about and let Funcom investigate. For my experience, in case of a real and proved harassement, they take seriously the issue, as it should be.


did not seen anyone was kicked just for fun. the kicked ones was A) a well known trolls/afkers/dualboxers. reputation mean a lot in small communities. B) ppl that fail to perform a simple tactics. me not vote when it happens one time, but if it`s more then ones, me most likely will vote to kick. it depends. C) ppl that starting call names all around, when they get caught on afking/dualboxing or not performing class specific tasks.

for ex. if some dt says that s/he signed as dps and pars show that his/her dps is first from end, sorry I don`t need such dps. stop wooping around and do something usefull, start from learning class you play.

also I think you not telling the true about why you was kicked. why? you say about 40 rf per day? impossible if you doing it on one char at time. rf takes around 1h time, some less, some more + waiting time in q