Harassment with the vote kick


WB and a raid are miles apart performancewise, you can not tell me that there are people who constantly lag that much in a raid that they can not play a meleeclass. At the wb with 100 charcters you can turn of everything (low res, no wind/water/names/guilds etc.) that should be working on most, but not all systems, I will give you that. But raids? With 24 characters, world particles on and spell particles set on yourself? Those particles are all you need. Depending on the raid some instances are way smaller than some dungeons, so there is not even as much to load as in the hubs, or any other big, detailed, NPC packed map.
(On raid/pvp I actually see no difference to all particles, I do not even know why this option exists.)


You’re wrong, do not come here to defend this vote to kick.


I do not refuse to tanking, if the class allows me to use as a damage what’s the problem? I just chose to be damage.


He’s wrong about what? Please be more specific… :laughing:

And, why shouldn’t he come here to defend it? That’s the best thing that happened to the game since a very long time! :wink:


Vote to kick is perfectly fine. If you don’t like it, then don’t be afk, don’t be a jerk, and do mechanics properly (and if you don’t know mechanics, ask someone).


the idea here is a hassament in the vote kick, do not come here to give your opinion on what you think of the vote kick


The idea here is about hassament in the vote kick. if you are not a victim please do not change the idea, it will give your opinion on the global. I want to solve some problems and not talk to you…


ROFL :rofl:

By the way, the Vote to kick solves way more problems that it might eventually create, so it’s a very positive thing, and most of the people I know likes it. :smiley:

You don’t? Well, sorry for you, but it looks like you will have to adapt. :wink:


I think votekick serves an excellent purpose in RF and I totally agree with @Yawgmoth that it is one of the best things added to the game lately. Especially now as people, at least in the RF’s I have been in, don’t start votekicks just for the sake of starting a votekick against someone they dislike. Participation rate is higher even thought the leechers now join the bosses room and do one or two combos to try to circumvent an AFK-vote.

Think Mussagna wrote it earlier also that votekick is here to stay and I think most people are happy about this feature.I simply can’t see the fault in the fact that if 2/3 votes to have you kicked there might be a good reason for it like spewing “#&/”&/# in raid chat or AFK:ing at rezpad. New people wont get kicked for being new people, especially if they say something about it in raid chat beforehand so any mechanic; wheter it be miasma, parasite or entity pads, could be explained (at least in english).


If I may, I think you may have needed to choose your topic a bit more precisely because if what you had in mind was to collect all people who thought ‘being victim of harassment’ in RF through the vote kick feature, right now it does not really reflect this.
Because the way it is right now made it like it was an open discussion about the feature which could lead to potential problems, ‘harassment’ being one of them.

No offense to you or anyone else, but all I can see ever since you opened this thread, is only you complained about this problem. When I don’t know you or dismiss anything of what you are saying, all I can say is it does not seem any of the other posters in this thread seemed to have lived such an experience.
Some of us, including me, could see there might be some ways this system could lead to some abuse, yet, we have not (or almost never maybe) witnessed such things happening so far.
Don’t you think there might be some kind of a reason why you are getting kicked again and over again?

From what I could see people are usually getting kicked for a reason.

Just saying.


Wait a minute! Who made you a moderator on this forum?

Anyways. RF is working quite well. Sure, nothing is perfect, but 16/24 have to agree for a kick to go through. That makes the vote to kick option quite reliable.


I do not know how many times you participate in rf, miasma? maybe 25 days ago. I do not know what you’re really talking about. I only do raids and raid finder. I would do it until last Sunday, 40 rf a day or even more. but I stopped the game until it solved these hassament problems. I just be in the rf … if the votes starts, I can not say anything in the chats to start the pornographic jokes with my person, even those who are blocked know, and I am make a joke in the chat, I’m supporting this for more of 5 months. if you do not have harassment problems on that server that good.

and yes 16/24 I understand but 10 of these votes are those that in all type “yes”


wtf did I just read?


40 raid finders a day, wtf man?



I think these statistics show the level of the game. aoc is probably being buried. I give up everything.


AoC was released on steam wayyyy after its release (5 years) and almost no one plays it via steam.
As you can see when looking at those numbers, and reading what they say.


this shows me that the game is dead a long time… I dont care about it more. I do not mean bad about the developers … but this is really comic. the funcom is the real role play here. making jokes with the players. is what I see in the game and in the forums. good luck


So suddenly you go from moaning about the vote to kick option to idk? impotent attempts at making people sour?
Don’t let the door hit you on your way out…


The pity you were seeking, was not found here. How dramatic


It’s been dead for years; it why we stay. It’s now become a small community ~ dare I say a “family”. Familiar faces & names that just makes the game an escape from the everyday stresses that are RL.