Hard Freeze after 30 seconds, Game unplayable

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Crash / Freeze
Mods?: No
Version: MS Store (Game Pass)

Bug Description:

Everything worked like a charm until all out of the sudden my game hard freezed, so that I had to close the game via task manager in order to not unplug the power of my PC.

Know if I try to load my singe player save the game always hard freezes. No matter what I do (standing or walking) the game keeps freezing right after more or less 30-60 seconds.

Its super anoying as I now cannot play my safe anymore. This game braking bug is 100% reproducible as I tried it round about 30 times.

To me it seems like the game freezes when it normally autosaves.

Would be really cool if someone could confirm my issue as for now I will stop playing until I am sure that a new safe will not brake as my actual one.

Have you been to …\ConanSandBox\Saved folder and run CheckGameDB.bat?

Well I am stuck at the “press any key to continue” process. After any input it automatically closes the command prompt.
I am not sure but as the game folder is located in the WindowsApps folder I might miss some Permissions.

I really dont want to mess with the Windows Permissions that much so maybe there is another solution available. So to be true it is not that smart to run some files from inside of the WindowsApp folder.

As i never used any mod and i could run the game before without any problems I doubt that some file is broken. Really all this hard freezing just started out of nothing while I was playing for maybe 25 hours flawlessly.

As it would be really annoying to restart from the beginning just to run into the same issue maybe anyone could help me here out.

“press any key to continue” usually means it has finished. Does it show you a list of stuff with OK? Did you try playing the game?

It might be woth checking the ‘Saved’ folder to make sure that your account still has write permissions.

well the first thing I can see is “press any key to continue”. As the game folder is under WindowsApps it not that easy to change permissions etc.

The game still freezes so no luck with that.

You only have read and execute permissions on windowsapps. Doesn’t MS Store give the option to install conan wherever you like? I’ve only ever used it for FS2020.

this file does not seem to exist in the gamepass version, or at least my folder does not have it

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