Hard reset for 3.0

We had the Climbing Patch Wipe, which left us barenaked, in place with no inventory. That was Early Access. Then we had the Live Release “wipe” which was brand new servers at pre-existing IP addresses. Kinda sloppy.

In June of 2018, one month after Launch, we had warnings of an issue with duping. Funcom summarily implemented an Item Wipe, and we grumbled but got by.


@Barnes that’s because Funcom did an item wipe but didn’t actually do anything about the ability of players to dupe items. That’s how you got by, you just duped more items.

In the case I’m referencing, they patched out the dupe, AND wiped the stuff. Orbs and booms and boom powder.


Yep. My clan lost vaults of legit stuff. But we also knew if we grinded it once, we could grimdnit again. And our known exploiter enemies were leveled within weeks because they didnt know how to farm lol.


My dear sweet partner, who worked so diligently had metal chests full to the brim of each. He really felt like he’d been punched in the gut.


Yeah the innocent get hurt I fear both by being punished and not helping to get the guilty caught so they may be punished.

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I’m of a mind that your paperboy tosses your news onto the roof only SO MANY times before you start taking verbal potshots at the Company itself.

A lot of players can get bent into exploiters in no time at all. Indiscriminate wipes with no recompense for honest players can often move people to the Dark Side. I’ve seen it.


Thanks for the follow up. My friend started the game in Early Access/initial launch did not tell us those stories. Got us into the game in Feb 2019 when he returned to the game. Although he was game hopping so much in the old days, he probably forgot all about it.

Wipe the servers, don’t wipe the servers, idc anymore. I’ve adapted to a style of gameplay for my few hours a night that involves using salvaged armor and crafted weapons and sneaking around on a pvp server avoiding and evading pvp. It’s entertaining enough that I don’t need any new content to continue playing like this and with the state of the game, the exploiting, the mass reporting and dev wipes, the lack of accountability on the business end….there’s no reason to play the game any other way. But best of luck with your new pay to win battle pass stuff, I’m sure get plenty of it out of decayed bases.

Edit: oh wait, there won’t be any decayed bases Keep forgetting the servers are pretty much dead

I can tell you with authority of my criteria that it doesn’t. I literally have a character in a game that is over 20 years old on a server older than that. And yet that game has gone through dozens (not an exaggeration) of changes that easily eclipse that of what Conan Exiles is going through.

Seasonal servers are advertised as such. None of the current officials have ever met that criteria.

I’ve heard the talking about and admittedly I have been too busy to completely look over the initial battle pass items. Are they truly pay to win items? I would ask for examples though I could just look for myself as soon as I can. To humor me and possibly others would you atleast one of these offending items, please ?

@Barnes I will honestly hope the majority of players resist the temptation exploit more of the game as this will only server to drive players away.

There are already rumors (told to me as fact , but until I can verify these claims have to say rumors) that players have found ways to make ghost copies of the game thereby bypassing the penalty of being banned and forced to purchase another copy of the game in order to continue to play with a new account. These practices if true damage the profitability of the game as these copies are essentially free and to add insult to injury these new copies are used to cheat and exploit the game even further.

I don’t mind the dlcs as long as they are not predatory in nature as they serve to keep the game running at least from the official servers stand point. On top of that is the hope that at least some of the profits will find their way back into the game in the form of new content and fun things as 3.0 looks to promise providing.

In the dark underbellies that I frequent, I’ve heard people talk about “laterals,” which is creating a branch and server hierarchy independent of Funcom’s updating system. Likely in order to keep below 3.0. This is frowned upon and should be outlawed.

IF they are doing an actual ghost/crack, we’ve been through that before, and the cure will only make the game stronger. A lot of this looks promising, as long as it’s fair.

Would there by a way for the launcher to be programmed to detect this or the main server directory to prohibit this?

At the risk of going off topic: why?

If people are willing to accept all the countless drawbacks of staying on an old version, what’s the problem? It’s not like those people are going to invest more money in the game anyway.

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I for one hope you are correct and this in fact will be the case and these exploiters or bypassers will just have to play in their own little pocket games and leave the rest of us alone.

Laterals are excellent.
Blizzard has made good money selling archaic versions of WoW, because not everyone will like how a patch or expansion changes a game.
So long as these laterals cannot interface with officials, good on them.

That said, if one really wants a hard PvP server reset… but admin won’t help… We can always be the change we want to see in the world.

Merry Christmas


Mitra help me I wish to keep this quite generic lest a particular player think I’m referring to them. I’m not, I’ve seen it happen throughout the years, beginning with DOOM and Age of Empires.

What inevitably happens is – let’s say you’re running a stable revision 2.86 and things are great – until more and more players come on claiming their revision is bogus or corrupted or whatever. Then you find yourself in the unenviable position of allowing or enabling the download of workarounds, or even software sets. This is not good. And it’s really just reflective of human nature. You see this is why I find the shifting culture of PvP so enormously fascinating, it’s almost an endemic-level predictor of behavior under change and varying stimuli.

Lats will rise up, and I think Funcom is wise to either enable a stable revision for “Opting Out,” or make a policy about acceptable Branches.

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Just to clarify, I’ve considered private servers but private servers pretty stay empty and hard to populate to begin with and I have no desire to play a single player version. Also, with private servers you get administrative abuse of powers, even if they say they don’t…they do. Proven fact, give a monkey a button and it will push that button. I prefer officials bc it keeps everyone on equal footing and bound to same “rules”, there is no bias, or favoritism or abuse of authority on officials ( although 2584 sure seemed to just disappear off the face of the world…). I prefer pvp style game mode not because I’m some great pvp buff but because I want the fullest Conan experience, not some watered down variant or lesser brand, I want the stuff off the top shelf. Again, single player gameplay has zero appeal to me. Now all that being said let me just say that there has been a lot of game breaking stuff going on in the last few years. The undermeshing, the duping, the controlled server crashes( which was actually a fix for….) , the thrall porking, the “porked” tames that could 1 hit world bosses by the end of the night, spamming bubbles, I’m sure there’s more. The body vaults may not be an exploit but their present state is still a game breaker in its own ways. Solutions? Wipe them or leave them in play full time. I don’t necessarily want the servers wiped but to kill the bv’s you gotta wipe all the accounts which leaves all properties and possessions in limbo, so the one comes with the other. No way around it.

I think I understood what you’re saying. Thanks for explaining. I don’t wanna derail the thread, so I’ll just agree that it might be worth it to do what you said, but I also think that ignoring lats would also be viable for Funcom. They’ve shown that they can ignore the malcontents a lot better than we thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hehe NO, they tryes to have pvp servers that wiped reguly at the begining but it was not good so they removed it, And hope you only think pvp server to wipe, no point in pve.

And if they are stupid egnuff to wipe old servers they will lose most playerbase … that will not spend money on the gamepass. They lost alot of players whit the server merge when you was able to save some loot.