Hard times in Darfaristan

The loot tables on Darfari corpses have changed drastically. With star metal tools it’s nigh impossible to get what I want: meat and skulls.

  • star metal cleaver: I get no meat. Usually no loot at all.

  • star metal knife: I maybe get one meat and a lot of skins what I don’t need.

  • star metal axe : appears to use the loot of the skinning knife.

  • Yog Cleaver gives me 2 or 3 meat.

  • Skulls: 150 poor souls later I yet have to find one on a corpse.

/sadface desertmonster

Something changed with the new patch.
I can only get human flesh, skins (too many) and sometimes some piece of body (only arms, legs seem to have disappeared) - I used knife, hatchet and pike.

I will have killed more than a hundred.
I have exterminated several villages.
For now, no skull.
I think it’s a bug …

I’m getting skulls very rarely.

Seems the skins from tigers and other animals have diminished greatly since the patch.

I’m finding that the clever does give more resources but still less than before.

This was with all star metal.

2nd perk in survival does help. The third helps with meat.

Theres no such thing as too much hide

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