Hardcore Cheaters on 3829

The Latin King’s specifically richard_elgarte are using cheats or hacks or mods somehow. I have a live streamed video of them fighting us while their bodies are unconscious and untargetable. At which time Richard is also laying on the ground gliding around the floor. He can attack from the laying position and revert to it. You can’t attack him it’s physically impossible. Moving so fast it’s like he has the fly or ghost on or something. They can glitch through walls. Somehow these guys have access to cheats or admin panel. They can spawn in legendary weapons and use them in seconds. Spawn building materials and have completely taken over most of the server. Not sure how this is allowed and hasn’t been reported. They own 3829. Server is unplayable. I have the video evidence and can send it to whatever Funcom staff wants it.


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