Hardmode Exiles PvE/RP/PvP

This is a fairly new PvE and RP focused server that offers a very challenging and rewarding experience. Nobody has conquered these lands, yet.

Central US: (60 Tick Rate, SSD, NO LAG) [7 Steam Mods, 1.7gb]

+1x Experience/Harvest Rate. (started on 0.5x) [2x Kill and Harvest weekends added (thank crom)]
+Boat captains and their wares are now sailing throughout various points on the river. Beware though, the waters are no longer safe.
+Snowstorms in the north, unpredictable sandstorms in the south. Weather is less forgiving and enemies have been known to attack those caught in storms.
+Players over level 11 can be ambushed when outside of their base.
+Much faster purges are coming for you and your enemies.
+PvE enemies deal double damage.
+Corruption is gained much faster from all sources.
+Resource and enemy re spawn rates are slower, farming one location is less advantageous.
+Max Clan Size 3 (unprovoked ganging on solo players will invoke Crom’s fury)
+No Building Decay
+No Offline Raiding. No Explosive Jars. No Avatars.

Hall of Warriors {Crafted Keystone}:
-Player Name: Grantlerine (solo)
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank
-Player Name: Blank

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2x Kill and Harvest weekend!

Bump for a server that won’t disappear in a month! This server refuses to die… but you will!

Server upgrades 1/26 @ 1000. Expected downtime: 4 hours.

1/26 Server upgrade should be complete

Increased max clan size to 3

You should change that in the above server settings description.

2x harvest & kill weekend 2/3-2/5

Server update complete 2/7