Hardy buff bugged?

What happened to the hardy buff from the fish?

They removed it

Yup. Don’t get used to anything that feels like an advantage in Conan.

In general.

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The hardy buff (which actually had a useful purpose) was removed from the game, the charisma buff (which has no in game value) stayed in. I’d like to know why too?

I think you answered your own question there.

This desire to make Conan an even playing field, is making Conan a boring playing field.


They removed hardy because it was bugged.

I like the change, it gives newer players without access to the improved fish traps a better chance, and also decreases the snowball effect in raids.

Hardy buff was kinda unfun for me tbh, because I love to use a katana one shot cheese build. But if someone had hardy buff, a one shot isn’t possible without the 50% dmg buff from the 5th perk in strength. Still was able to pull it off consistently, but it just took sooo much longer to bait and condition

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