Hare iam again xD

1, temperature resistent dont show type of resistence, exactly all times show heat resist

khitan armos shows heat resist, while is described with cold resist

2,lights at wardtowers dont generate light, or light range is set too low

altrought ymir altar works normal, as well as campfires

3,sometimes when upgrading from t1 to t3 both pieces are overlaping, thats probably because each one is swaped on different block

4, this were mentiones somewhere here, but not in bug thread i think

its cus 3d model of foundation, cus tantami part is too low, btw maybe add normal wood cover on yamatai, i mean whole set looks too white and bright

5,1 bottom of tree dont match with ground, place where shadow is
5,2 not enirely bug, but maybe add lightsources of red light here. sorry iam immersion obsesed player xD

6, some chest,sometimes dont refresh loot, i know that chest have longer respawn timer, but after several hours nothing changes, also sometimes chest are inaccesible/unusable

cant add images because problems and locations are different each day, problems mostly occur for me at black galeon, volcano and relic hunters city

7, after teleporting from regions where raining, wet places occur

sinkhole obelisk

8, exiles faction tiers naming

just shows lil xD

9, some importent girl is alredy where she shouldent be

i didnt do quest for having her here

10, weird textures on windows, doors, frames at recil hunters city

11, stoned pose after killing enemies

that tail xD

also as suggestion can you stop rocknoses eyes glowing after hes die, just immersion

ye ye, its annoying read this list, but at least i not crying here about something unspecified not working, and post those mostly minor stuff finded by my immersion obssesed eyes

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Good stuff! I would add that those standing up stiff corpses show up when I leave a battle field of corpses and then come back. They all show up standing up stiff, but usually most of them will drop to the ground as I get closer - but not always. This is a problem with the LOD

Can we just disable LOD? I don’t remember that stiff standing corpse thing happening until the big patch recently.

If I run into this issue, I destroy the bugged chest. Most time it will spawn then with loot again.

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thanks for tip, didnt know about this xD

Make sure the looted chest has its lid closed. Sometimes the stuff inside wont respawn if the lid is open. Also the graphic for the lid opening doesnt always show but can sometimes appear closed.

If the lid is in open mode you can see the contents ( even if the lid graphic shows it as closed ). Make sure you then click it again so it goes into “closed” mode. This may fix the chest loot respawning for you.

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