Harlequin's RP Server - Siptah - RP focus - PvP allowed with limits - Maelstorm, Purge enabled - XP 50% default (It's the journey not the destination!)

Harlequin’s Role Play Server (Siptah)

A server with a focus on role players and people who like to play with others who respect the theme of Hyboria.
All names must be lore friendly and local chat is reserved for role play only.
PvP/Raiding is allowed with some reasonable restrictions
Some excellent mods for improved quality of life and aesthetics.

We have a Discord server too!

XP: 50% default
Purge & Maelstorm enabled
Maelstorm siege enabled, storm damage disabled
Most all other setting default

Some of the main mods we use;

Aquilonian Females
RA: Character Customization
Barbarian Barber
Better Animal Pen
Savage Steel
Better thralls
Improved QoL
Level 100

Hope to see you exile!