Harvesting is broken in 3rd person mode

I can’t harvest stones(testen in north) because the pick do not hit the rocks. I should run around and search for some place where I will catch him, or switch to the 1st person - then it works like suppose to.

hier is what I mean

Can confirm this issue as well. Its ironic cause pre patch i always played 1st person but new combat forces me to play 3rd and now harvesting only works properly in 1st.

Confirmed, harvesting rock in 3rd person is buggy. Sometimes 10% hits, sometimes 50%, very annoying

I find I have to move around and hit different spots on some of the larger rocks until it starts to break. Annoying for sure.

I think the problem here is that not all people experiment this issue.

I saw lot of treads about it, looked different videos made by people experimenting this bug, and turning around the rocks to mine them. But honnestly i barely never have this issue.
I’m so sorry for those experimenting this bug, i don’t doubt how frustrating it makes mining and gatering for them. But i played more than 800h in SP and on servers, but this was never an issue for me.

One mal more, Conan reserve bugs to some, while others never see them, which will make the debugging not easier.