Harvesting multiplier and uniqueness

At some point, once the bugs are out of the server settings, if there was an option to respect uniqueness when harvesting animals. For example, if I have harvesting at 5x you get 5 heads, 5 hearts, etc.

In order to maintain immersion, I’d love a toggle where you still get the 5x for harvesting things like pelts, and bark, and wood, but for things like heads and hearts you only ever get 1.

SPOILER WARNING: One of the worst offenders for this is skeleton keys, if your multiplier is at x3 for example you always get 3 keys, which means you get 2 free legendary items for beating a single boss by just visiting other legendary chest locations.

If you’re playing with a specific number of people then this could still be nice to divide up skeleton keys to the hunting group but otherwise it really feels more like a test of willpower to just drop the extra keys :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand however this does create a kind of incentive to actually play with the x1 multiplier which really is there to better the sense of immersion since you wouldn’t be able to gather 5 pelts from a single hyena.

All in all though I would love for there to be a list of unique items that never drop in multiples despite the multiplier since many people don’t have the time to play for longer durations but would still like to feel that sense of progression and gathering materials is really just a grind since you aren’t usually in any danger and it’s just a matter of how many nodes you can find and waiting for them to respawn.

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