Has anybody ever saw Named NPC worker in Highland areas?

I am seeing tons of named NPCs in desert and rest of other areas, however I do not find any Named thrall that work in work stations in Highland areas. (except Named fighter/archer who spawn always in their own camps)

All I was able to find was just one Named alchemist in Nordehimer camp during my entire 1300 hour career in Conan Exiles.

I honestly doubt if devs added rest of stationary named NPCs in Highland areas in live servers.

The rate of spawning Named NPCs there is way too low compared to other areas in my opinion.

And also in new NPC camps, such as Lemurian camp(Swamp), and Votaries (volcano NPCs),

there are several missing type of NPCs as well that are not spawning in their camps in live servers

Lemurian missing NPCs: Blacksmith, Smelter, Tanner, Alchemist, Taskmaster, Priest(we can’t even make True Name of Derketo in live servers yet?)

Votaries missing NPCs: Carpenter, Armorer, Smelter, Entertainer(dancer)

There are named thralls in highland. You find them in small camps but as in any area they are random. They are harder to find because the camps are smaller and more spread out so it takes longer to spawn verses larger settlement. Best I can come up with. But I have found them in highland.

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