Has anyone else found a Gravedigger in the wild?

I went to the Watchtower camp near the Leyshrine of the Serpent. On the east side of the center of the camp, sitting against the exterior racking, was a Gravedigger. We’ve hit that spot a few times since, and nothing. Has anyone else found one in any camps?

We are on a private server, but this was just leaning against the post. Is this supposed to happen?

Yo lo encontré despues de abrir 14 cajas suministros que flotan en el mar

I found a Gravedigger from the flotsam supply crates. There’s a nice farm if you follow the Eastern coast of the Southern isles. Just look for the pristine Stygian ships and there should be two located near each ship. Happy hunting!

I got mine from the floating crates at New Khemi Docks. It is a broken one but works for grave digging.

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